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  • Lacrosse Shooting Academy Immersion Camps

When: June 3, and July 18-19
Where: Mira Costa High School, Waller Stadium
Cost: $75 for June 3, $125 for July 18-19 (Mira Costa players are free)

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the Lacrosse Shooting Academy Immersion Camps taking place at Mira Costa High School June 3, and July 18-19! We will be immersing our attendees in the art of shooting as it's performed at the highest levels. After spending many years teaching shooters to become finishers, we're extremely excited to be returning to Manhattan Beach this summer and teaching the lacrosse community the skill-sets required to becoming a great FINISHER!

Our MLL experienced staff are certified specialists in shooting and are extremely excited to be spreading their knowledge. Additionally, you will go home with a training program designed to keep you on task throughout the year so you never forget what you've learned! Hope to see you there!

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Lacrosse Shooting Academy Immersion Camps

  • $75.00

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