Robinson Schedule at a Glance


Classes listed in Black are "Open" • Classed listed in Red are "Closed" • Classes listed in Yellow are "Cancelled"

2:30-3:00 Snacktivity     Snacktivity

Art with Jake
(Grades K-5)

Junior Civil Engineering
(Grades K-2)

Kids' Cooking Academy
(Grades K-5)

No classes

No classes

Chess: All levels
(Grades K-5)

Cheerleading: Jumps,
Stunts, and Tumbling
(Grades K-3)

Flag Football
(Grades K-3)

Junior Detectives:
Spy Kids
(Grades K-2)

Snacktivity: A snack and supervised activity or homework period immediately follows dismissal in order to provide continuous supervision after school at no additional cost. Children are supervised at all times and PM Kindergartners are escorted from Kindergarten to enrichment classes. Parents are not expected to return to school until enrichment class has concluded.

Students in grades 1-5 will meet at the play structure on the lower field after school. All 1st graders will be picked up at their classrooms and escorted to the After School Program the first week.

P.M. Kindergarteners will be picked up at their Kindergarten classrooms throughout the session and escorted to enrichment class.

A.M. Kindergarteners may be dropped off with Enrichment Class Staff at the play structure before class begins or brought directly to enrichment class.

If your child attends EDP, his/her after school enrichment schedule will be coordinated with the EDP staff to ensure that students are escorted to/from EDP as required. Staff will pick up the morning kindergarten EDP students at 2:15.

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