Booster clubs pay the cost of charter busses/vans, with MBX coordination, for teams to attend away games and tournaments. Work with your coaches to determine if a parent volunteer is required to coordinate the transportation. For some teams/programs the coach/instructor will take care of arranging transportation.

Generally all team/program participants ride together in a bus/van to their away games/events.

  • Returning together on the same bus is at the discretion of the coaching/instructor staff. Since teams/groups likely have different game/program times, participants may be allowed (with the completed "MCHS Alternate Transportation Permission Form," to ride home with a parent or a teammate's parent.
  • Students are not allowed to drive other students under any circumstances.
  • • must have parental permission to drive themselves.
  • Students must have parental permission to ride with another student's parent.
  • Bus/van transportation must be available for players who have no other option or who have not completed an Alternate Transportation form to return to MCHS (i.e. the bus/van cannot leave the away game after dropping off the teams).
  • MBUSD (via the ASB account) will pay for the cost of bus/van transportation for CIF post-season play. This is generally a "school bus" but the SCO may opt to pay for a tour bus or vans if desired.
  • If you have a small student group you have the option of renting a 15-person van instead of a school bus to transport students to away events.

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