After School Programs Class Descriptions

The following list provides class descriptions for classes offered at all five elementary sites. Not all classes are offered at all sites. Enrollment in Robotics (at Pacific) and Young Philosophers (at Meadows) is open to students from all schools beginning on March 22nd. Interested in another class that is only offered at another school? No problem! On Monday, April 3rd, you can enroll in classes at other sites. To register for classes at a site other than your home school, during registration, filter your search by the location of the school where the class is offered.


(All courses are not offered at every site each session)


Cartooning is a great way to learn how to sketch and draw. You will learn to create your own characters as well as popular characters from Disney, Anime, and more! Learn about storylines, design, coloring, and lettering, as you create your very own comic book! Parker Anderson Enrichment


This art program is for students who are really interested in learning to see to draw! Through the course of instruction students are exposed to one and two-point perspective as well as interior perspective, using themes that are interesting to young minds. We talk about negative space, shadows, highlights and ‘cast' shadows. The students learn to blend colors with colored pencils, pastels and paints. We explore facial proportions, giving the students the confidence to draw a person or animal. References to artists of historical importance are made whenever possible and especially if it ties in with the subject matter. During the class, the student is given the freedom to make choices and to think about their composition and what is visually and aesthetically pleasing to them as an artist! The classes are about drawing, seeking spatial relationships and observation. Jake Tedesco, Community Art Instructor


Join the popular Coach Dimitri for an afternoon of basketball. This class will focus on skills, drills, fun and learning rather than team competition. Always a fun and active afternoon. Dimitri Upshaw, South Bay Athletics


Brit West Soccer classes encourage children to be active and promote health and well-being through fun, action-packed soccer lessons taught by qualified instructors. The primary goal is to instill the player with a sense of confidence, coordination, friendship and a love of the game through a structured curriculum, a nurturing and enjoyable environment, and interacting with peers working as a team. Brit West Soccer


Take advantage of this unique opportunity. Color Me Mine is returning due to popular demand. Pick, paint, have your item fired, and take it home! Everyone is an artist in this class as you express your creativity. Color Me Mine


Beach Cities Cheer is now TGA Cheerleading! TGA Cheerleading combines station based skill development with academic STEAM labs (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) and character development lessons. Our multilevel advancement program includes stunting and tumbling skills taught by professional cheerleading instructors. Quality cheerleading equipment provided. TGA maintains a safe, nurturing environment with a low student to instructor ratio. Every program culminates with a performance for friends and families to attend. Come out to play with TGA where we make learning cheerleading convenient, enriching and fun. TGA Cheerleading

CHESS: All Levels (TK-5)

While learning to play chess, students will be taught critical thinking, mental discipline and problem solving skills, which can positively impact learning in the classroom. Designed to motivate and entertain, the curriculum introduces otherwise difficult concepts while teaching the art of chess. Intermediate and advanced players must understand “check” and “check mate” and be able to utilize end game strategy. Rue Ellington, Academic Chess


Kids will learn to cook authentic Mexican and South American cuisine in this fun, hands-on cooking class. Our Chef Teacher will take kids on a culinary journey through Latin America while combining food, culture and science in each lesson. Our goal is to teach kids to expand their palates, try new foods and learn a variety of fast, easy recipes they can make at home. Includes a Kid Restaurant for parents on the last day! Lift Enrichment

Menu: Homemade Tortillas & Guacamole, Argentinian Empanadas, Tex-Mex Salad, Nachos Especiales, Tacos


TGA Flag Football combines station based skill development with academic STEAM labs (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) and character development lessons. Our multilevel advancement program includes drills and scrimmages taught by professional football instructors. Quality flag football equipment provided. TGA maintains a safe, nurturing environment with a low student to instructor ratio. Every program culminates with a game day for friends and families to attend. Come out to play with TGA where we make learning flag football convenient, enriching and fun. TGA Flag Football


TGA Golf combines station based skill development with academic STEAM labs (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) and character development lessons. Our five-level advancement program includes swing fundamentals and rules/etiquette taught by professional golf instructors. Quality TGA golf equipment provided. TGA maintains a safe, nurturing environment with a low student to instructor ratio. Come out to play with TGA where we make learning golf convenient, enriching and fun. TGA Premier Golf


The junior classes introduce our youngest engineers to fundamental concepts of aircraft and spacecraft design. Through open and focused exploration, students will design and construct rockets, hot air balloons, and more! Students will be able to bring each week's creation home to continue the Engineering Design Process at home. Sign up today for some sky-high engineering fun! Engineering for Kids


Building a house to withstand the Big, Bad Wolf is where the fun begins in Fun Foundations. This program is centered on exploring the concepts of building and construction through hands-on exploration and design. The youngest engineers-in-training will explore the engineering behind sky scrapers, bridges, roads and more in this fun and engaging experience! Students will be able to bring their creations home. Engineering for Kids


Put on your CIA Spy Kids badge and learn how to investigate a crime scene, decode secret messages, search for clues, and so much more. Explore the fascinating world of solving mysteries while developing observation and reasoning skills, as you become a “Junior Detective.” Parker-Anderson Enrichment


Learn all about Dinosaurs in this fun, hands-on class! Explore the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous eras through all sorts of project based activities: Dino Digs, fossil hunts, and ‘Dino of the Day’ activities. Parker-Anderson Enrichment

KARATE (1-5)

This course will focus on self-defense, self-discipline and philosophy in the Martial Arts. Students will learn the basics, combination techniques and street safety, including how to recognize dangerous situations and how to avoid them. This class is designed for both beginning and advancing intermediate students. Our class applies fun, healthy and educational techniques while our students become more self-confident, physically fit and street safe. In each school term our students will enjoy the tradition of advancing in the art, just as they would in a studio. Performing Arts Workshop


Long gone are the typing classes we dreaded years ago, but with computers playing such an important role in our children's education, the need to learn keyboarding is more important than ever. As we know, keyboarding is not a skill that can be acquired after a couple of classes, it takes time and practice. Fun is the motivating factor; we will be using software that makes learning the keyboard a challenging game. The class will always end with choices of art and puzzle software which is a trek of math, logic and science. It's all about having fun while learning, which is what makes this class so much more enjoyable than a traditional keyboarding course. Little Click Club


Come join Mr. B and his team exploring the world of LEGO building. Participants learn to build a variety of LEGO sets from Star Wars to Castle to Friends and more! Participants are encouraged to build sets larger and bigger than their abilities with help from the instructors. Each child will learn independent building, LEGO instruction reading, self-reliance, and socialization. Don't miss out and join the fun today. Ken, “Mr. B” Brennan and team


Are you ready to get enGROSSed in entomology, the study of bugs? To investigate and analyze crime scene evidence to solve a mystery? To DIG in to Earth Science? We’ll see what physical and chemical changes take place in and around your kitchen and discover how simple machines make our lives easier. Movie Effects gives you a chance to sit in the director's chair and discover why science is the real star of the big screen. What makes toys work? Test and play with spinning tops, building gears, and gravity toys. Finally, conduct hands-on experiments to understand how and why weather occurs! Mad Science of Los Angeles


Explore the diversity of ocean life from organisms in hot deep sea vents to the riches of tropical fish to the astonishing varieties of arctic marine life. Dissect a shark, write with squid ink, learn about the largest environment on the planet, and more! Parker Anderson Enrichment


MatheMagic combines the exciting skills of Magic with the brain-teasing aspects of Math to create an intellectual and entertaining activity that not only enhances students' problem solving, logic, and lateral thinking skills, but also teaches them that Math can be fun! Parker Anderson Enrichment


Want to be a master of machines? Use the Engineering Design Process to design, create, test, and improve a variety of machines and mechanical systems like roller coasters, eggstreme defense vehicles, an incredibly fast air-powered custom dragster, and more! Explore the fundamentals of energy, aerodynamics, traction, durability and more all while building different machines. Best of all, you'll be able to bring your mechanical creations home! Engineering for Kids

“Finding Ourselves in our Own Element” (4-5)

Become one with your inner bender in this unique philosophical class experienced through the beloved Avatar: The Last Airbender Series.

Experience situations in truth, goodness, beauty, and justice as we seek personal balance, strength, and growth. Each week, students will have the chance to create characters, voice opinions and explore actions, through a variety of activities designed around small-group discussion and physical activities. In Socratic discussion groups facilitated by members of Mira Costa High School's Young Philosophers Society, students will develop skills of critical thinking and argumentation. In the end, we all will find our inner Avatars. (No previous exposure to Avatar the Last Airbender required: all discussions will be based on clips and thought experiments presented during the sessions.) Mira Costa’s Young Philosopoher’s Club and Stacy Cabrera, MCHS English Teacher – Offered at Meadows for 6 weeks beginning Thursday, 4/20

PUTERBUGS (Kinder morning)

The leaders of technology education at Imagine Tomorrow ® have teamed up with the experts at Discovery Kids™ to bring your child Puterbugs, a fun and educational class featuring your child as the main character of a guided learning adventure in a world full of technology. Students become "Computer Detectives" who take off on learning adventures using custom interactive video and unique proprietary software. Working at their own pace they are exposed to computer technology, reading, math and critical thinking skills while learning their way around a computer using a mouse and keyboard. Offered by Little Click Club

READING PARTY (TK/Kinder morning class)

Join the fun! Listen to favorite classic and contemporary storybooks and then create theme related artwork using a variety of media. A great way to supplement the classroom reading-readiness curriculum. Some of the activities will include hunting for golden eggs with the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk, taking a trip with Flat Stanley and making a shell home where the Hermit Crab will want to live. Please note that the curriculum changes each session in order to accommodate the needs and interests of returning students. Sue Kneisley has taught preschool, elementary and college level classes in art, writing and child development.


Let your knowledge “take off” with Pennekamps’s Science Specialist, Mrs. Holton. Students will enjoy learning through hands on experiences, investigations, and discoveries. Science has never been so fun. Get ready to make it, test it, and launch it! Susan Holton, Pennekamp Science Specialist


TGA USTA Tennis combines station based skill development with academic STEAM labs (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) and character development lessons. Our five level advancement program includes racket and rally skills taught by professional tennis instructors. Quality TGA tennis equipment provided. TGA maintains a safe, nurturing environment with a low student to instructor ratio. Come out to play with TGA where we make learning tennis convenient, enriching and fun. TGA Premier Tennis


A highly interactive performing arts program that teaches the fundamentals of acting for film and television. Our classes are taught by professional actors who give our students the experience of being on a “set” while they work on creating their own commercials and perform scenes from real TV and film projects. Through the use of fun improvisational games, acting exercises and scripted material our students expand their creativity, boost their self -esteem and become more confident speaking in public. Taught by professional actors from The Actor's Place. Offered at Grand View and Pacific.


The Actor's Place brings musical theater to life as students learn and perform songs from their favorite film and stage musicals. They will learn basic singing skills as they are taught to interpret and “act” the song… all while building confidence and self-esteem. Come sing your heart out and have a blast! Taught by professional actors from The Actor's Place. Offered at Pennekamp and Meadows.


Have you ever wanted to design, build and program your own robot? Students will construct their own robots from the ground up, using the VEXIQ design system. The robots will then compete against each other in the VEXIQ High-rises Challenge. In the challenge, students will build and program their robots to stack high-rises of colored blocks, and compete to score the most points in a designated time period. This is a STEM based curriculum where students will learn coding, building and the engineering process for basic robotic construction and design. The VEX design system is a national standard, and the standard used throughout MBUSD for STEM classes and robotics. This class is offered by the Mira Costa High School Robotics team and Ken Brenan, LEGO instructor and computer science teaching assistant at MCHS – Offered at Pacific for 6 weeks beginning Friday, 4/21


Come make awesome stuff with us! We teach children the skills they need to confidently design and build creations as wild as their imaginations. Tinkerers use real tools to turn cardboard, bamboo, wood, and recycled materials into sculptures and inventions. This workshop combines an age-appropriate engineering design process with art education in sculpture and assemblage. Our skilled facilitators provide a safe tinkering environment with tool safety training, guided design challenges, and open build time. reDiscover Center, Inc.


Enroll your kids in UCode's Beginner Coding Class. Students will create their own games and applications using MIT's Scratch. Our afterschool class will teach kids complex problem solving and logic. Students will design their own software systems using their imagination. They will use critical creative thinking to learn and apply math concepts. This class lays an excellent foundation for understanding the fundamentals of programming. Class size is limited – sign up early. Ucode.


Taught by elite Volleyball instructors and players, this unique class offers students the opportunity to master skills and the fun of the game at their own pace and learning leGranbvel. Using a three-step system, we Discover, Design and Deploy. We "discover" your child's skill level through observation and experience. We "design" and implement a step by step learning progression focusing on a strong fundamental foundation. Then, we "deploy" game-like situations focusing on reaction by using your child's strengthened fundamentals. Come join the fun! Jessica Swarbrick, founder of VolleySkills, has played professional ball and established a highly-regarded coaching program in the South Bay. Volleyskills


Sushi Session and other fun customizable things: Do you like being creative in your own way? Then this sculpt session is for you! Sculpt sushi, create your own emoji, build your own drone and craft your own troll! Our instructors will teach the basic steps of sculpting to guide students into customizing their own creative creations! O Rio Productions


Taught by a wildlife biologist, students will explore the natural world, acquire tips and tools to spot wildlife while camping and on hikes, and learn all about animals’ natural habitats. Students will see live animals in class and learn techniques for locating and tracking animals in the wild. Parker Anderson Enrichment


We believe you’re never too young to start reaping the benefits of yoga practice. Through a mixture of yoga and mindfulness exercises, we’ll guide your children as they gain not just strength and flexibility—but confidence and self-esteem. We’ll try out fun, relaxing, and challenging poses during each class and end with a Savasana to rejuvenate the mind, body, and heart. Stacey Corvalan, Pacific parent and Yogabuddies instructor

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