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The payment receipt you were emailed is your confirmation. Class rosters will be posted the Friday afternoon before summer school starts on the MCHS administration building windows.

Students are able to enroll in a class during the day and enroll in a remediation course.
Cyber High Courses are not NCAA approved.

NEW! Online remediation classes
ONLY MIRA COSTA STUDENTS CAN TAKE CYBER HIGH. The last day to sign up is Tuesday, July 19 for completion by Thursday, July 28.
English 1, S1 and S2 (English 9)
English 2, S1 and S2 (English 10)
English 3, S1 and S2 (English 11)
Algebra I, S1 and S2
Geometry, S1 and S2
Algebra II, S1 and S2
World History, S1 and S2 (Modern World History)
US History, S1 and S2

The MB/X Foundation was formed in 2002 to provide financial support for physical education and athletic programs in the Manhattan Beach Unified School District. Since our inception, the Foundation has:

  • Contributed over $500,000 to the development and repair of the all-weather track at Mira Costa High School;
  • Supervised and provided over $300,000 in funding for the renovation of Fisher Gym at Mira Costa High School;
  • Funded grants for purchases of instruments, orchestral literature, teacher training and conferences, physical education equipment  and gym mats throughout the Manhattan Beach Unified School District;
  • Funded over $800,000 in costs related to the installation of an artificial turf field in Waller Stadium on the campus of Mira Costa High School;
  • Assisted the Manhattan Beach Unified School District by administering after-school programs, Camp VIP and the Mira Costa Summer School Program with profits earmarked for grants to the School District.
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